Project Status - Winter 2013/14

It was a big season for Caliente.  3 more cabins were constructed, the new water system was put to work and landscaping was substantially completed.

Other improvements included:

  • The road was graded and treated with a dust-control and bonding compound.
  • A major clean-up effort removed excess construction materials and eliminated weeds in the landscaped areas.
  • The dock was repaired and modified to clean up damage from the prior winter and prepare the dock to better withstand future weather.
  • A horseshoe pit was added near the railway berm.
  • Mirage screen doors were added to several cabins.

Next up... We need to find buyers for Unit #1 (incomplete) and Unit #5 (completed).  Active involvement from all or most owners will be best for the development in the long run and it is definitely important that we fulfill the final building permit relatively soon.  For more info on the potential sale of shares, send your request to and be sure to check out the information provided on the Ownership Info Page.