2019 Summer Highlights

Summer of 2019 has been one of the best since development of Caliente. It was a completely “smoke free” summer with just the right amount of rain to maintain some green and keep down any forest fire activity. Campfires were allowed throughout the season and our time on the water was maximized.

2019 included some important improvements. The backhoe was put to good use and additional parking area has been prepared for owners to park boats and trailers (keeping the site looking tidier). We also planted grass over the RV septic field and added 10 new trees on the site. These landscape additions are now supported by a much improved irrigation system.

The well and water treatment system have run very well and our samples submitted to Interior Health continue to be excellent. 2 owners attended water system management courses and it was clear that our system is considered “top of the line”.

Fall projects will include some work on our private road to maintain effective ditches, knock down any weed growth and smooth out developing washboard. The Strata Directors will also be following up on the Engineering Study for a possible Breakwater project.

We are in the market for a 2020 Caretaker / Property Manager. If you know of anyone who might be interested in a season long RV site and some modest pay in exchange for an hour or two of work each day, please have them contact us at calienteresort@shaw.ca

Spring Time!

2018 looks like it should be a great year.  

We are now only a couple of weeks away from resuming lake activities.  With the strata conversion fully completed last fall, this season will see less work and more focus on fun.  Our new property managers will be arriving at the beginning of April and they are happy to carry the load for many of the regular tasks. 

Other Highlights:

1.   Dock repairs will happen before the end of March.

2.  Much of the spring maintenance and startup will be completed by volunteers on the Easter weekend.  

3.  Real marketing for Cabin’s #1 and #2 will kick off shortly and it seems likely new owners will join our group quite soon.

4.  We should see the hot spring fishing kick into gear anytime now.

Let’s make it the best season yet.



Seasonal Property Manager for Caliente Lakeside Resort (Kamloops Lake) 

The Strata Ownership group at Caliente Lakeside Resort is seeking a seasonal Property Manager to live on site April thru October (exact start and finish dates are negotiable).  Couples are encouraged.  The ideal candidate(s) will have high mechanical aptitude, strong problem solving skills and lots of energy for both physical work and group communication.  The candidate(s) also must have a trailer/RV for accommodation. 

An RV site with a treated water hook-up and a Sani-Drop will be provided at ‘No Charge’.  The resort functions 100% on solar power so any electrical requirements would have to be delivered via renewable energy.  We have a knowledgeable group that would help with sourcing and installing appropriate equipment.  The actual contract details will be tailored to best balance the needs/wants of the Strata and the capabilities of the individual(s) but it will include: 

    •        Management and Maintenance of the Water Treatment System
    •        General Security (including high number of days on site during the season)
    •         Modest amount of Landscaping, Weeding and Tree Watering
    •        Monitoring of Bylaw and Rules compliance
    •        Managing the Fire Protection System (test equipment and keep fire tank full)
    •        Minor Maintenance for the Cabins and Marina 

Some expenses will be covered and most tools will be supplied.  The Strata Council will review proposals and will entertain a small monthly compensation if the negotiated job description warrants it.  Expressions of interest and resumes can be sent to calienteresort@shaw.ca. 

Fall 2017 Update

We are now Strata Corporation EPS4003!  It has been a long process but the successful strata conversion is the culmination of a great deal of work and cooperation among the group to satisfy the many provincial and regional requirements.  The end result is a new Strata that has a good working relationship with both the regional district and Interior Health.


  • Strata Fees have been set at $277/month.  Current property tax is $1200 per unit.
  • The automated, solar-powered water treatment system has worked flawlessly and all sample results have surpassed the drinking water requirements.
  • The dock connections have been reconfigured and new dock storage boxes were added.  The big storms of the summer did not cause any damage.
  • The owner "work bee" on the May long weekend resulted in clean up all of the remaining construction materials.
  • It has been a tough summer with fire alerts and smoke but volunteers have kept the fire tank full and the system ready to go.
  • We are currently recruiting for an onsite Property Manager (included in our budget) to live on site for 7 months per year.


The water treatment system was finalized and received full approvals in fall of 2016.   The system design and construction has received rave reviews from Engineers and Approving Officers.

The system works as follows:

  • Water is pumped from a highly productive 160' well
  • A float switch located in the storage tank (housed within the storage container) activates the pump when the level fall to about 80% of the 2000 gallon capacity.
  • A large pressure tank balances flow and reduces potential wear on the pump.
  • The Viqua Sanitizer removes any unwanted metals and softens the water to the ideal range
  • A 5-micron filter further screens water for any particles
  • The Trojan UV light provides the first disinfection stage
  • A Chlorine injection pump adds a mild chlorine solution as a final disinfection stage and an ongoing protective barrier as the water travels through the system

What makes the system most unique is that it is all powered by solar.  A back-up generator is operated by an auto-start system in the event the batteries fall below 65% but the combination of a robust solar system and the many hours of summer sunshine at Kamloops Lake ensures it almost entirely operated by renewable energy.

2016 Fall Update

It has been a very eventful season at Caliente.  On September 22nd, the TNRD Board approved our Strata application pending completion of the appropriate covenants and documenting the Engineering approvals for our new Community services.

This years accomplishments include:

  1. Cabin 1 is completed and occupancy permit obtained.
  2. New Solar Powered Community Water Treatment System is complete.
  3. New Septic System and water distribution installed to service RV sites.
  4. Dedicated Fire and Irrigation water system is ready.
  5. Rezoning is completed and Strata application approved.

We now move on to finalizing Strata and acquiring individual strata titles for each unit

Winter Update - February 2105

The group is now working toward the goal of converting a portion of the property to a Strata.  Key steps are imminent...

  • A new WELL will be drilled as soon as the road bans on Sabiston Creek Rd. are lifted.
  • A Riparian Area Study will be completed in early Spring.
  • Strata drawings are scheduled for completion shortly.

Highlights for the past season include:

  • completion of the central water delivery system
  • addition of 3 new steel storage containers
  • further beach cleanup and path improvements

Tom and Tracy are quickly becoming Kamloops Lake fishing experts and it was a great summer for water sports with lots of activity around the dock!

Project Status - Winter 2013/14

It was a big season for Caliente.  3 more cabins were constructed, the new water system was put to work and landscaping was substantially completed.

Other improvements included:

  • The road was graded and treated with a dust-control and bonding compound.
  • A major clean-up effort removed excess construction materials and eliminated weeds in the landscaped areas.
  • The dock was repaired and modified to clean up damage from the prior winter and prepare the dock to better withstand future weather.
  • A horseshoe pit was added near the railway berm.
  • Mirage screen doors were added to several cabins.

Next up... We need to find buyers for Unit #1 (incomplete) and Unit #5 (completed).  Active involvement from all or most owners will be best for the development in the long run and it is definitely important that we fulfill the final building permit relatively soon.  For more info on the potential sale of shares, send your request to calienteresort@shaw.ca and be sure to check out the information provided on the Ownership Info Page.