The water treatment system was finalized and received full approvals in fall of 2016.   The system design and construction has received rave reviews from Engineers and Approving Officers.

The system works as follows:

  • Water is pumped from a highly productive 160' well
  • A float switch located in the storage tank (housed within the storage container) activates the pump when the level fall to about 80% of the 2000 gallon capacity.
  • A large pressure tank balances flow and reduces potential wear on the pump.
  • The Viqua Sanitizer removes any unwanted metals and softens the water to the ideal range
  • A 5-micron filter further screens water for any particles
  • The Trojan UV light provides the first disinfection stage
  • A Chlorine injection pump adds a mild chlorine solution as a final disinfection stage and an ongoing protective barrier as the water travels through the system

What makes the system most unique is that it is all powered by solar.  A back-up generator is operated by an auto-start system in the event the batteries fall below 65% but the combination of a robust solar system and the many hours of summer sunshine at Kamloops Lake ensures it almost entirely operated by renewable energy.