2019 Summer Highlights

Summer of 2019 has been one of the best since development of Caliente. It was a completely “smoke free” summer with just the right amount of rain to maintain some green and keep down any forest fire activity. Campfires were allowed throughout the season and our time on the water was maximized.

2019 included some important improvements. The backhoe was put to good use and additional parking area has been prepared for owners to park boats and trailers (keeping the site looking tidier). We also planted grass over the RV septic field and added 10 new trees on the site. These landscape additions are now supported by a much improved irrigation system.

The well and water treatment system have run very well and our samples submitted to Interior Health continue to be excellent. 2 owners attended water system management courses and it was clear that our system is considered “top of the line”.

Fall projects will include some work on our private road to maintain effective ditches, knock down any weed growth and smooth out developing washboard. The Strata Directors will also be following up on the Engineering Study for a possible Breakwater project.

We are in the market for a 2020 Caretaker / Property Manager. If you know of anyone who might be interested in a season long RV site and some modest pay in exchange for an hour or two of work each day, please have them contact us at calienteresort@shaw.ca